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Protective and finishing lacquers for all types of synthetic broadloom goods, acrylate, polyurethane and fluoropolymers in an aqueous or solvent base. Our focus is on applications such as PVC-coated woven fabrics, PVC and TPO foils for the automotive and furniture industries, and carrier material for digital, large format printing.

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Tensile Structure Coating Systems


The ROWAFLON line are finishing paints made of modified fluoropolymers that are suitable for heavy-duty outdoor usage (UV-stability and weather endurance).

Our new generation of coatings has a double-layer system:

  • Primer with nano particles for additional UV protection
  • Topcoat with higher fluoropolymer concentration

This double-layer system doubles the durability of tensile structures and are makes them extremely easy to clean.

Explore the technical information for each of the ROWAFLON products appropriate for tensile structure applications:

G-71004G-73623  | G-73872

G-73997 | G-74003 | G-74190


View the updated 2018 ROWALACK brochure here.