Epoxies are plastics, adhesives, and other materials made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. Epoxy resins are often 2-component systems. Cured epoxies often have high mechanical properties, temperature, and chemical resistance.
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Structural Epoxy Foaming System

Resoltech 2080 M25 is a foaming liquid epoxy casting system formulated to produce low density, closed cell, strutural cores.

The slow, controled foaming reaction negates the use of mixing machines normally associated with PU foams.

The low pressure of the foaming system will enable direct casting within the final parts with no conforming molds and without alteration to the dimensions of the final composite piece.

This system is available in black, white, or neutral color (to be pigmented with any color).

P.A.T. Products is Rēsoltech’s exclusive distribution partner in North America.

Rēsoltech 2080 M25 (Hardener 2085M)
Densities170, 250, 400, 600 kg/m³
Mixing Ratio100 Parts Resin to 30 Parts Hardener (by weight)
Primary advantages of this foaming system:
  • No need to cure before releasing from mold
  • Perfect compatibility with pre-pregs and epoxy resins - even during polymerization
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Homogeneous foam structure
  • No V.O.C. emissions
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