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Protective and finishing lacquers for all types of synthetic broadloom goods, acrylate, polyurethane and fluoropolymers in an aqueous or solvent base. Our focus is on applications such as PVC-coated woven fabrics, PVC and TPO foils for the automotive and furniture industries, and carrier material for digital, large format printing.

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PVC Coating Systems


The ROWAKRYL line of acrylate lacquers has many applications including synthetic leather, truck covers, heavy tarpaulins, awnings, textile constructions, tent roofing, and boat covers.

Explore the technical information for each of the ROWAKRYL products appropriate for PVC coating applications:

G-31208 | G-31797w  | G-32791 | G-33632  | G-33868

G-34104w  | M-33575

Note that the line has specific blends with:

  • Homo and Co-Polymer PVCs
  • with K-values between 57 and 74
  • PMMA (Plexiglas)

These combinations (solutions and dispersions) allow for:

  • optimal flexibility and adhesion to PVC and PU
  • best barrier effect against all common plasticizers
  • ideal binding due to HF und HL welding technology


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