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PAT Brings German Quality to Domestic Gum Arabic Market

Posted date: May 1st, 2016 Author: PAT

P.A.T. Products is excited to announce its partnership with German gum arabic producer Willy Benecke.

Benecke Smaller

Willy Benecke is a fully integrated natural gums company based in Hamburg, Germany. Willy Benecke’s wholly-owned subsidiary, SprayCom, spray dries gum acacia (gum arabic) under exacting conditions at their cutting-edge facility in Wittenburg, Germany.

Our current annual capacity for the production of spray-dried gum acacia powders is 4,000 tons.

P.A.T. Products represents Willy Benecke’s full line of products in the United States and Canada.

We stock all gum arabic grades in multiple locations around the country for our customers’ convenience.

Learn more about some of the qualities we stock:

Gum Arabic Label Circles

For more information, samples, pricing, and technical guidance please email our gums group directly at or call 1-800-924-1581.

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