Our low viscosity color dispersions consist of organic and inorganic pigments in a variety of carriers.

We’ve broadened our liquid color product line to include new carrier and additive options to bring you a complete line of coloring options for your unique program.


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Liquid Color


We custom match from established color standard systems and supply all colors in customized packaged options. We guarantee quick turnaround for match requests and commercial orders.

Our low viscosity dispersions consist of organic and inorganic pigments in a variety of carrier vehicles. The low viscosity, combined with excellent color strength, make these dispersions suitable for both third stream dosing and mass coloration applications.

We take into consideration heat profiles, UV exposure, process method, and resin/system compatibility when formulating your color.

Our dispersions are RoHS and REACH compliant.

We match to PANTONE®, RAL Colours, and Federal Standard.

Dispersion Carriers
PlasticizerLow viscosity dispersions suitable for most PU applications, ether/ester, foam/elastomer, and PVC.
Vegetable OilLow viscosity, green colors for PU and PVC
Polyether PolyolDispersions for flex/rigid ether based foam, RIM and TDI based prepolymers
Unsaturated PolyesterSolvent-free dispersions suitable for unsaturated polyester, SMC/BMC, polyurea, epoxy, and grouts & sealants
EpoxyEpoxy systems, floor coatings, and grouts & sealants
We also offer custom-matched TPU based masterbatch colors. Ester and Ether based.

  • Ultra-violet Protection (UV)
  • Anti-stats