Epoxies are plastics, adhesives, and other materials made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. Epoxy resins are often 2-component systems. Cured epoxies often have high mechanical properties, temperature, and chemical resistance.

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High Temperature Epoxy Resin Systems | Lamination

The Resoltech line of High Performance & High Tg Laminating Resins is ideal for the production of tooling and large structural composite parts and high performance lightweight structures

These new generation systems are optimized with low viscosity, high wetting properties, and excellent air release.

The systems are suitable for wet lay-up, infusion, injection molding, or filament winding and guarantee low toxicity working conditions.

The 1040 system features widely adjustable pot life from 20 minutes to over 3 hours. It is also available in a thixotropic version, 1040T. The HTG systems allow for very high glass transition temperatures.

P.A.T. Products is Rēsoltech’s exclusive distribution partner in North America.

Rēsoltech High Tg Lamination Systems
1040 & 1040T144°C (291°F) Tg
HTG 170182°C (338°F) Tg
HTG 210210°C (410°F) Tg
Complete Technical Data Available Upon Request

  • Large Structures
  • Composite Parts
  • High Performance Lightweight Parts
  • Wet Lay-Up
  • Infusion
  • Injection Molding
  • Filament Winding