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Structuring and texturing agents are additives which modify the surface of coatings. These additives can create soft effects, antislip effects, friction reduction, frost effects, and antiblocking effects.

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Deuteron ST Series Texturing Agents

The Deuteron ST series of structuring & texturing agents are organic, duroplastic, urea-methanal polymers with customizable particle sizes. See the key properties tab below to see the particle sizes for all ST grades.

In the cured state, the ST series possess higher hardness and abrasion resistance than traditional polyamide or polyurethane-based texturing agents.

The nature and degree of texturing achieved by the ST series products depends on the applied film thickness and the ratio of texturing agent to binder.

P.A.T. Products is the exclusive North American distributor for Deuteron Texturing Agents. We work closely with Deuteron to achieve superior technical and formulary success for our customers.

Bulk Density500 g/l500 g/l500 g/l500 g/l500 g/l
Specific weight1.
Particle size d5045 µm35 µm32 µm22 µm11 µm
Particle size d9072 µm53 µm46 µm34 µm19 µm

System Types

  • Water-born systems
  • Solvent-born systems
  • Coil coatings
  • Plastic surface texture
  • Haptical & optical surface property modification
  • Functional additive to reduce sliding friction coefficient
    Processing Notes
    The texturing agents can be mixed into the coating using a speed-stirrer or dissolver. The additional use of wetting agents is not required, even when used in water-based systems.
    The ST Series is stable to shear forces, but dispersion processes that induce a grinding effect must be avoided. In systems containing pigments, texturing agents must therefore be added after grinding the pigment.