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Matting agents are additives which alter the diffuse reflection properties of a surface coatings. The diffuse reflection properties are influenced by the type, quantity, and alignment of the matting agents.

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Deuteron MK Series Matting Agents

The Deuteron MK Matting Agents are organic, duroplastic, urea-methanal polymers with customizable particle sizes. See the key properties tab below to see the particle sizes for all MK grades.

Due to their chemical nature and structure, organic matting agents are suitable for use as either the sole matting agent or as a supplementary matting agent in a variety of coating materials.

Because of their excellent dispersing properties Deuteron MK products can be stirred into the liquid phase with a simple stirrer.

P.A.T. Products is the exclusive North American distributor for Deuteron Matting Agents. We work closely with Deuteron to achieve superior technical and formulary success for our customers.

Bulk Density150 g/l150 g/l120 g/l
Specific weight1.41.41.4
Particle size d506.3 µm4.6 µm3.5 µm
Particle size d9013.8 µm10.6 µm6.5 µm
Oil absorption*325 g278 g251 g
* (g/100g Palatinol N / DIN ISO 785/5)

Exclusive Matting Agent For

  • Water-born systems
  • Solvent-born systems
  • Solvent-free systems
  • Air dry & Stove dry
  • Printing Inks
  • Wood lacquers
  • UV-cured coatings
  • Coil coatings
  • Lacquers on foils
  • Aqueous wood & furniture varnishes
    Processing Note
    The combination of MK series products with inorganic matting agents is possible and leads to improved mechanical resistances. Scratch resistance and resistance against polishing will be increased.