Conductivity agents are additives used to increase or decrease the electrostatic properties of a wide range of products. Our conductivity agents are based on quarternary ammonium compounds.

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Deuteron LE 100 LV Antistatic Agent

Deuteron LE 100 LV is an antistatic agent which is free of solvents and has low viscosity. It can be processed at room temperature and below without melting or producing a master batch. The product is particularly suitable for solvent free systems.

Because of its cationic character and the extremely high polarity of Deuteron LE 100 LV, electrical resistance is reduced considerably – even when using small quantities. Deuteron LE 100 LV is soluble in most common lacquer solvents.

P.A.T. Products is the exclusive North American distributor for Deuteron Conductivity Agents. We work closely with Deuteron to achieve superior technical and formulary success for our customers.

LE 100 LV
Chemical DescriptionQuaternary Ammonium Compound
AppearanceYellowish Liquid
Viscosityapprox. 3,500 mPa·s
Specific Weightapprox. 1.05 g/cm³
pH-Valueapprox 8.5 (1% in dist. water)
Acid Valueapprox. 13
Hydroxyl Valueapprox. 185
Flash PointDoes Not Apply
Safety - LE 100 LV is classified as a dangerous product and should therefore be labeled. For more information please request an MSDS.

  • PUR Foams - Particularly Production of Shoe Soles
  • PU & Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • UV or electron-beam curing screen inks (to avoid electrostatic charge)
  • The suitability of the product in additional fields of application should be discussed and tested.