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Plasticizers are plastic additives which work by embedding themselves between the chains of polymers, spacing them apart, and thus significantly lowering the glass transition temperature for the plastic making it softer.

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CitriFlex 84 – Bio-Based Plasticizer

Phthalate Free PlasticizerCitriFlex 84 is a nontoxic, innocuous, tributyl ester that affords a wide range of benefits when used as a plasticizer in aqueous and solvent-based polymers.

These polymers include acrylic, methacrylic, ethylcellulose, hydroxymethyl cellulose, nitro cellulose, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, vinylpyrrolidone vinylide chloride, and urethane polymer formulations.


CitriFlex 84 is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration according to CFR21, sections:

  • 172.515
  • 175.105, 175.300, 175.320
  • 178.391
  • 181.27

CitriFlex 84
AppearanceClear liquid
Active Content99% min
Acid Value0.2 mg KOH/g max
Color30 Pt/Co max
Flash Point200 - 204 °C (CCC)
Heating Loss0.2% max
Refractive Index 25 °C1.4410 - 1.4425
CitriFlex 84 is stocked in 441 lb (200 kg) steel drums. It is available in IBCs and bulk tankers upon request.

  • Food packaging
  • Cellulose acetate films
  • Solution coatings for foil and paper
  • Milling lubricant for aluminum and steel sheet/foil
  • PVC (wide applications)
  • Cyanoacrylate medical adhesives
  • Acrylic-based pharmaceutical polymers